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Ted has two books published at present and both are available through Amazon.


The first is titled Ten Days in January ... a journey and concerns the issues of care giving and respite breaks, love and forever. The book covers a ten day period in January 2006 when Ted took one of his first respite breaks from the full time care giving that he provided his wife Corky. It is a timeless piece even though set in a specific time frame and the lessons learned are timeless.


The second book is titled Just a Moment ... in Time through the lens, eyes and mind of Ted Grussing. This is a book containing more than 85 incredible photographs of Ted's and a  background and thoughts on each image and what it meant to the author. It has received rave reviews and is also available on Amazon.


Both books may be purchased direct from the author through this website if you want a signed copy. The prices are respectively $19.95 for the Ten Days in January ... a Journey and $29.95 for Just a Moment ... in Time.


There will be sample pages uploaded in the near future for each book and in the meantime you can check them out on Amazon.